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Welcome to EU-Analytics!

This is experimental academic blog covering all aspects of European Union politics. The main idea behind the blog is to provide data-driven analysis on current EU issues from the debt crisis to democratic legitimacy to foreign and security policy as well as opening up a place to debate current academic work on EU issues from a political perspective. I therefore highly welcome any comments, feedback or complaints.
The idea for this blog started when I looked at sites like, which use data driven analytical tools to give citizens and journalists a peek view into the dynamics of European Politics. Too often, for all its complex nature, ‘lazy journalists‘ break down EU politics to simple tropes like ‘EU meddling in national affairs’, ‘The EU superstate threatening national democracy’ or ‘The EU unable to get its act together’. Bridging scientific research on EU affairs and the political debate, academic blogs can and have in the past already contributed more nuanced context. This is where I hope to take ‘EU analytics’ in the coming months.

About me:
My name is Nicolai von Ondarza and I am a Senior Associate at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), where I work on EU issues. Enjoying both the advancement of technology and political affairs, I strive to combine computational and qualtiative analysis with the poltiical games governments and EU actors play. This blog and all presented views are fully personal. You can follow me on Twitter under @NvOndarza.

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